Re: Solaris Make

From: Alastair Neil (
Date: 08/11/95

>> I'm running it under Solaris (one of the few things I've actually gotten
>>  to compile under Solaris *sigh*)
>>    Here is the Makefile I use to compile under Solaris...
>Skip the -Wall option at MYFLAGS. I think that's an gcc option,
>Suns SparcWorks compiler doesn't recognise -Wall.
>I use these flags:
>CC = cc
>-xO2 is full optimization.
>Good luck compiling.. :)
>// Ziggur @ BlueMage

Just a note - it is a "really good idea" (tm) to set your compiler to the
most paranoid setting and occasionally run lint on the source.  This helps
catch all the little slips that otherwise can get missed and can be damn hard
to find, like using == instead of = and vice versa.

As far as I know there is no lint for gcc, but the -Wall flag is almost as
good, I recommend you find out what the super paranoid/strict flag for your
compiler is and use it.  At first you will get a ton of warnings - but once
you have tidied them up it makes maintaining and adding to the code much

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