Re: Pollution! :)

From: David E. Berthiaume Jr. (
Date: 08/17/95

> > > A note to David E. Berthiaum Jr: your address "mud@mud" isn't recognized 
> > > according to this system, and looks dubious to me.  Is this your correct 
> > > email address, or is there one that's valid?
> > My address is
> I'm not sure if its your server or ours that makes the mistake (I suspect 
> since this is the second time the mistake is made, it's on your end), but 
> I keep receiving your messages as from 'mud@mud'.  Might be an idea to 
> get the sysadmin to correct this.
He did and said it's not this end.
shrug, thgis one has me stumped.

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