Re: Skills

From: Greg Alexander Irvine (
Date: 08/17/95

> I am currently using 3.0 bpl8 of the Circle code.  I just added in some 
> race functions and now have races in the mud although I am a bit unsure
> as to how I would go about assigning inate abilities to these races.
> I.E.  one of the races is a Draconian, I wish to give that player perm.
> infravision adn perm. sanctuary.  Any ideas on how I would go about
> doing this??? Thanks.

I'm n the process of doing this also.  Although I haven't put anything in
the main code yet.  
All you have to do to make something permanent is set the time remaining
to -1.  (not sure wot the exact variable is offhand). either this or you
just set the approproate AFF_xxx.

And then you have to make sure that in the do_unaffect() call you re-apply
each of the races permanent affects.  (either affect(victim...), or

Not particularly hard at all.  Knowing me I've not thought of something,
but *shrug*   We'll all find out mistakes eventually.  And don't I just
love gdb now after the recent discussions.  :)   I have noticed sometimes
when it coredumps that it doesnt give lines.  And annoyance.  *shrug*

Ted @ somewhere new now.  Those who know know, those who don't shouldnt.

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