Re: mlticlass

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 08/22/95

> does anyone have a cheap and easy way to imp multi-class that they'd be 
> willing to share?  I have a few basic ideas, but not enough to build 
> off of...

I've been thinking of ways to implement multiclass characters in the 
MUD.  I could easily use one of the extra variables and, assuming it to 
be 8-bit, assign it as an 8-bit class indicator.  If it's 16, I can add a 
couple of races in there (in case there was something kinky going on.. 
GRIN).  I haven't thought about it much otherwise, though.

Multiclass characters could be built in one of two ways:

o A single level/experience, and each additional level the player can opt 
to jump up a level in one of the classes.

o A level/exp structure for each class, such that certain actions apply 
experience to certain classes.  This way, everything is maintained 

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