My position and Ensem MUD

From: Jeffrey D. Frey, Jr (
Date: 08/22/95

Well I have been having a hard time at Ensem and I really believe that I
should call it quits.  I know that not many people were too happy when I 
came back and also there a lot of things that I just can not get into there.
I would still like to continue to work on Monks, but I will just send the
spells to GS and have Vanyar do all the level restriction stuff balancing
them.  I had told GS and Chopper that I would try this out as a test period
for awhile and I just don't feel that things have gone well. 

I also have been working quite a lot and I know that I'm not meeting the
expectations of my position.  I would still like to come around, be with
everyone, but I have decided I need to get away from being an admin for
awhile.  It is not good for my sanity.  FYI, I have been working weeks in
excess of 60 hours and it has been hard for me to do much of anything but
eat, sleep and work.  I hope I do not offend anyone by this resignation but
I would still like to use Ensem MUD as a social place.  I don't know if an
AMB is good for me because I am not technically coding anymore, but my
character on DC is still an honorary IMP and I will be helping them there
when they have major probs.  

I hope everyone understands, and it has been great working with you all.
Also, for my replacement I give Hoshea my vote.  He seems like he will be
very good for the MUD.  

Talk to everyone later,

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