54 New Thalos

From: Ron Poulton (ron@res.com)
Date: 08/22/95

I had something odd occur today.  Someone was mapping New Thalos, and 
they tried killing a nomad merchant (mob #5433).  Once they hit it, the 
MUD crashed.

I tried it myself; if I hit the monster and engage combat, the MUD 
crashes.  If I switch to the merchant and kill something, then combat 
seems to be fine.  If I engage something while switched to the merchant, 
the MUD crashes.  If, as an Imp, I KILL the merchant directly (autokill), 
there's no crash.

HAs anyone had a similar problem?  There's no spec_proc assignment to 
this MOB.  Here's the merchant stats:

nomad merchant~
the nomad merchant~
A nomad merchant looks you over.
This robust fellow returns your gaze with a smile, but something inside
tells you not to trust him very far.
cghlmno 0 -100 S
30 11 10 1d1+1500 1d8+2
15000 800
8 8 1

He was level 35 before, but after restarting the MUD it still crashes.

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