eliza code is working

From: Christopher Busch (cbusch@d.umn.edu)
Date: 08/23/95

eliza code update:
Right now on my mud, NPCs repond to 'tell NPC message', reply and say 
commands. I could hack in other commands but things would get a little
noisy if every NPC reponded to a "chat". Currently all the NPCs on my mud 
use the same database, but that will change very shortly.  I plan to have 
the databases indexed by name, so that way all the guards will use the 
same one for example, but dogs will use different ones.

telnet vision.d.umn.edu 4040 and check it out.  

Sometimes the responses are a bit screwy since I parsed a huge file to 
make the database. 

Christopher G Busch                          "Avoid computer viruses,
cbusch@ub.d.umn.edu                             practice safe hex."
Working on http://www.d.umn.edu/~cehspsa/

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