Coder Needed

From: Thomas G. Dailey (
Date: 08/24/95

My circle 3.0 mud has been up since the end of May.  We've added several
spells, skills, and have 1 new class ready to go in.  We've also added
about 10 new, original areas.  My site is permanent and disk space is not a

What I'm looking for is a C coder.  Not someone who wants to learn C.  We 
work as a team on Zombie as far as ideas go, so your input will be very 
important.  I have currently 3 area builders and 2 other visiting imps who
help with various problems that we run into.

If you are interested in coding for a mud fulltime please email me or
come on zombie and talk to Gore.
I appologize for the post here to all the imps who just want to see 
questions, problems but this is the logical place to find a coder :).


Tom Dailey
Gore - IMP
ZombieMUD 2150

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