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From: Kevin M Gilbert (
Date: 08/24/95

On Thu, 24 Aug 1995, George C. Urbaniak wrote:

> > i'm havin a lot of troble tryin to to find a site for my mud. Could some 
> > kind soul please give me a lead or a method of finding one. i've been 
> > lookin for 6 months now and am gettin tired of pissin in the wind. pardon 
> > my language.
> > 
> >I think has a machine where muds run.  Course, you have to 
> >*pay* for 
> >them to run (gack!).  But if you can pay, it might be an option.
> >Good Luck!
> i contacted  the mud site charge is incredably expensive, 1 to 
> 8$ a day plus regular account charges. thanks Price Hall but  no thanks. i 
> havnt got an extra 300 bucks a month to spare :p . is there a way that i 
> can get a site at a college or something?
   Hmmm, I was running a mud on for about a year, we had the
same deal, was like $30 a month plus $1-8 a day extra charges.  We were
being charged less then $1 a day extra.  We used around 5 megs of RAM
and about 25 megs of HD space for our mud.  Our avg cost was around
$50-70 a month for 1 mud, we eventually added another mud which added
another $20 a month.  We had around 6k rooms on the mud.  I did not
think rahul was all that expensive, but the link sucked hardcore.  Plus
the fact that 5 muds are running on the machine at any given time it 
provided ample lag for us all :P

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