54: New Thalos and OTHERS.

From: Ron Poulton (ron@res.com)
Date: 08/25/95

I foudn the problem with the nomad merchant.  In fact, all the 
shopkeepers showed this problem of crashing after being hit (not killed 
by an immortal).  It was due to an error in a routine I installed of my 
own creature.. apparently, C doesn't like it when you pass a character 
instead of a string when it expects a string passed.  So, I passed "" 
instead of '\0' and things are running just fine.

In a similar note, shopkeepers threaten to call the guards if attacked, 
but I noticed no string was sent if an invisible person tried attacking.  
I changed this so a separate string is defined in shop.h if an invisible 
player tries killing the shopkeeper.

Things seem to be hunky-dory now.  Now to cause MORE bugs!

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