Re: Mob condition during combat

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 08/26/95

Hmmm.  I have had my prompt set up with both player and opponent 
condition for some time (3 weeks now, I suspect) and haven't had a single 
problem.  I prototype the char_diag function (which, instead of 
diag_char_to_char, just returns a single descriptor, but I kept both 
routines ;), and if the player is fighting then the description will show 
as though you looked at the opponent.  In fact, the player description is 
shown as a single "Condition: excellent" after the expanded prompt.  The 
prompt itself is expanded much more; there's still the Hits/Mana/Move 
display but it's "Move: xxx  Mana: xxx", etc.

I haven't had any problems, aside from the color routines I mentioned 
before.  Unless you're accessing a null descriptor or something. 
<shrug>.  Mobiles cannot see colors nor have prompts, though I might 
somehow implement something to assimilate prompts and colors during switches.

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