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From: Chris Herringshaw (
Date: 08/27/95

Instead of using it like a character, define a separate room for
each vehicle you have, and just change the exits with a timer?
I envision:

1) Create a room called "The inside of the boat" or something.

2) Create commands for transportation manipulation
   IE - "use token" in a given room will move people from the
   room to the boat room.  "disembark" will move people from
   the boat to the current room.

3) Create a procedure called "update_transportation" which gets
   called periodically from the main game loop, right after
   "mobile_update".  This procedure will keep track (via a
   global or local static variable) the current "room" the
   boat is attached to.  Let's say you switch rooms every
   forty-five seconds.  Now about ten seconds before you
   switch, you do a shout "Final Boarding call for xxxx".
   Now the boat "leaves", which really means it attaches itself
   to some water filled room to simulate the ocean.  You're
   at sea for thirty-five seconds or so, then do a "say"
   in the boat that "We are approaching xxxxx".  Ten seconds later
   the boat attaches itself to the next destination, and waits for
   a bit before announcing the final boarding call for the next
   destination, and so on.  Worked really good back when I did

The code should be extremely straight forward to implement, also.

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On Sat, 26 Aug 1995, The Mighty Spaz Twit wrote:

> I have 2 questions:
> 1. can someone upload a patch for circle 3.08 to put mobprogs in?
> 2. I am having a little difficulty putting buses in my mud.
>     ie, a vehicle traveling a preset path, stops for a tick at each stop,
>     and pc's can enter it (enter bus, or board, or whatever)
>     it moves like a pc, but can hold pc's like a room. 
>     if anyone here has put something like this in, i would like to hear 
>     about it..
> Spaz

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