Skill additions

From: Jonathan Woytek (
Date: 08/27/95

	I have a quick question concerning skill additions.  I have added two
skills for a RANGER class, and I plan to add a few more along with some
spells for the Paladin class.  I am curious as to WHERE these can be
placed, and how HIGH can I go in numbers?  ie-I'd like to add a lot of new
spells, but what happens when I run into the TYPE (I think that's what's
after spells) definitions?  Can I skip after the TYPE (or what-have-you)
def's and continue on up from 200 or so?  As for the new skills, I added
them in AFTER all of the other definitions, and it doesn't seem to be
causing any problems, but I'd like to know so that I can change anything
before I cause any BIG problems.  Thanks...

Jonathan Woytek

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