Re: Teleport rooms

From: Greg Alexander Irvine (
Date: 08/28/95

Why not just define a new ROOM_FLAG.   ROOM_TELEPORT.  And then just have
a check when a player enters the room for if its a ROOM_TELEPORT flagged
room. if so they teleport them.  
you could randomly port people around by just calling the teleport spell.
struct teleport_data {
  int start_room;
  int dest_room;

struct teleport_data teleport_rooms[##] =	/* wher ## is a number */
  { {3002, 12000}, ... etc. }

and then when they walk into a ROOM_TELEPORT room, you just do a quick
search down thru the start_rooms in the list, and compare them with
IN_ROOM(ch), and then char_from_room(ch), char_to_room(ch, matching dest room)

Not hard at all really.


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