Re: debugging automation

From: J\vrgen (
Date: 08/28/95

> does anyone know how to automate gdb so that in the autorun script, I can
> have it do:
> if exists(lib/core)
> 	gdb bin/circle lib/core>>core.dump
> 	where
> 	quit
> 	rm -f lib/core
> endif

> essentially,  core dumps are very useful to me, but having a 5.5meg file
> hanging around is just annoying to both me and my quota...
> thanx

If you are running under Solaris, you can set the maximum size of a coredump. 
I dont remember how it's done, but you could always do a 'man coredump' or something.

you can set it do any size. Size 0 means no dumps at all.

// Ziggur @ BlueMage

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