Re: a bug??

From: R. Engur Pisirici (
Date: 09/02/95

On Sun, 3 Sep 1995, R. Engur Pisirici wrote:

>    Hi !!
>   in blp08 , is there any bug in do_flee??
>  I think the PC does not loose any exp.. 
> 					R. Engur Pisirici
  aa yess i found..
  in do_flee function, it calls do_simple_move function , which is 
defined in act.movement.c .But in do_simple_move , it calls 
char_from_romm func so FIGHTING(ch) is gone.But after calling 
do_simple_move , the do_flee function controls the FIGHTING(ch) and it 
returns NULL, so no exp loosing...

					R. Engur Pisirici

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