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Date: 10/02/95

Daniel W. Burke writes:

> I've been wondering this for a lonlong time.... and can't seem to find 
> anything in the code that points to is... what's Odin's Store? it's 
> room 3056, and it says it HAS to be 1 vnum higher than temple 
> alter.....

Its an old easter egg/backdoor from the DIKU Gamma code.  If you were
a player named "Papi" and you were in the temple, and you "pray"'ed a
key would appear letting you get into your house in the park area.
This key was loaded into a room called "Odin's Store".

Old DIKU player trivia :

There used to be a "Dimension Door" spell on and old DIKU at UCDavis
that randomly teleported you to another room in that zone.  A number
of young magicians found this place while randomly teleporting thru
the city .... 

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