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From: Pink Floyd (floyd@south.mit.edu)
Date: 10/03/95

Try hacking the 'goto' command into a special procedure for an object (the
portal). When the player creates the portal with the spell, use the goto code
to find the correct room, and have the specproc intercept the command 'enter'
and char_to_room them to the portal's location (unless the portal dynamically
changes so that it always points to the room the target is in, even if the 
target moves around, in which case you'd need to do the goto code every time
someone enters the portal).
Actually, if the portal doesn't follow the target, then you'd put the goto
stuff (the code that locates a target in the world and finds their roomnum)
into the spell code, and if it does follow the target it'd go into the specproc

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