From: Glenn Campbell (
Date: 10/04/95

Ok, my portal spell is almost done. The Spell part works great, and I would
like to thank those that helped. However, (theres always a however) my enter
command is fubared. When a player sees a portal and types enter , wirld
thyings happen. As an example, I (as IMP) cast 'portal' <playername in room
3001>. The portal appears at both ends and everything seems cool. When I try
to enter I go to a room with roomnum=NULL. If I then try to goto a different
room the mud crashes. It seems like the char_from_room(ch) and char_to_room
function calls are behaving improperly. Does anyone out there know if there
is a problem passing these functions ch.  

Here is my code :)

I have modified room_data to include the following:

int gate_room

gate_room being the room that the portal takes you to ..

Also , a new room flag was created called ROOM_HAS_GATE ..


/* First Set the Room Flags to Display the Portals */

/* Next We Set the Room To Room Values for Each Room */
send_to_char("You hear an grinding noise as a magic portal opens before
you!\r\n", ch);



sh_int destination;

if (ROOM_FLAGGED(ch->in_room,ROOM_HAS_GATE)) {

send_to_char("Your body is sucked into the watery portal , you exit into a
new room!\r\n",ch);

char_to_room(victim, destination); 

look_at_room(ch, 0);

} else {
  send_to_char("Sorry no portal here dude!\r\n", ch);

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