Re: Real vs. Virtual

From: Steve (
Date: 10/04/95

virtual numbers are the numbers that you assign to the roomsm/mobs/objs
#0->#32000 (or whatever it is set at)
once the mud boots, it re-numbers the rooms, according to which ones exist
from 0->32000 as well, but this time if there is no virtual room #30 then 
virtual room #31 becomes real world 30 and if there is no 32 33 becomes 
31, etc, etc filling in so that there are no gaps
there are functions for translating back and forth i think

On Thu, 5 Oct 1995, Graham Gilmore wrote:

> 	Can some kind soul please tell me what the difference is between 
> a real and a virtual number?  Virtual numbers at least make some sort of 
> sense.. I have NO idea what a Real number is for.  Thanks. :)
> 	Graham Gilmore
> (please, no comments about floating point. <g>)

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