Re: Segmentation Fault

From: Kilkenny (
Date: 10/05/95

On Thu, 5 Oct 1995, Jason Huang wrote:

> Whenever Unix C tries to execute a program it cannot handle, it dumps 
> whatever data it failed to handle from memory into a file, commonly 
> called core dump; and, usually, as a consequence of segmentation fault, 
> bus error, memory fault, and pipeline error ( just naming some that has 
> happened to me ). You can decipher whatever went wrong with the help of a 
> debugger such as gdb.

Core dumps has really nothing to do with C..   Unix will dump a core when 
a program tries to access a piece of memory it does not have access to.
The core is a dump of all the memory the program your program you were 
running.  This is why it tend to be fairly big.

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