Re: Aff's

From: Greg Alexander Irvine (
Date: 10/06/95

> I and my fellow coders from my mud have just met the max number of Aff_flags
> that circle will allow for spells..has anyone implemented a way to get around 
> this limit so you can add more?  If so, I'd appreciate it if you would be
> willing to tell me how you went about doing so..

the easiest way is to add one or two new variables to the character structure.
.. aff2, and aff3.

put them below aff.

obviously this will screw your playerfile (unless you write a little
routine to alter the pfile for new player structures.. i found it VERY
easy to do this, i mean half of it is already done, with the showplay
utility supplied by Jeremy).

you will also have to dedicate specific AFF's to aff1, and some to aff2,
and some to aff3.

this is a pain i know, as you will have to know which aff(1,2,3) vektor to
check when checking players for specific affections.

and all you have to add is an extension to IS_AFFECTED(ch, aff)
so that if someone isnt affected by 'aff' in ch->aff, then check ch->aff2,
and then ch->aff3 (unless found obviously).

there are a couple of obviously smaller things you need to do..
like add in AFF_FLAGS2(ch), AFF_FLAGS3(ch) to utils.h etc.. but they will
make themselves obvious.

I had to do this with my PRFs, and I have no doubt I'll have to do it with
my AFFs too once I get around to doing the classes/spells/skills.

I daresay most of you out there will at some stage be required to do this,
but if you know of a better way to get around it feel free to let us know ;)


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