Re :skills

From: FourSpace (
Date: 10/12/95

	From: Glenn Campbell <>

	Recently I have added some new skills and spells to my mud. I added a 2
	warrior skills (warcry and berserk) and numerous spells (regenerate,
	petrify, haste, power word kill, ...) All of my spells and skills seem to
	work fine with one exception . All my spells seem to be displaying messages
	properly from lib/misc/messages, however, my skills are fubared. They work
	fine and perform the way they should, but the messages are not appearing.
	Also the final kill messages like "slices $N in two pieces, both dead" do
	not appear. I checked my messages file and it looks cool. I have exactly 12
	lines on every entry and the numbers after the M match the entries in
	spells.h. Is there something I have not mentioned here that I should check?

I have had this problem several times...  each time it was due to a
non-empty blank line between skills.  Ie, a line that LOOKS empty but
actually has some space characters at the beginning!!

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