Strange static variable?

Date: 10/12/95

In shop.c/times_message(), the variable buf is declared as static.
It is called when you buy an item in a shop.
The problem is that when you for example first go and buy a bread, then
buy a lantern, it says  that you bought a bread when buying the lantern.
I haven't tried changing the variable to non-static yet, because I haven't
checked if times_message() is used in any other places, and I rather am
stuck with that simple error, than a segmentation error somewhere else...

I don't know if anything of this makes any sense to you guys (and girls)
out there, I am not even sure it makes sense to me, since I am real tired
(almost 6 am here in Sweden, been up all night).

If anyone have a solution, I would be glad if it could be posted here.

  The Arrow              Moses@PTMUD 4000

  Joachim Pileborg       Email:
  Lindblomsvägen 107
  37233 Ronneby

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