Date: 10/14/95

tis I  I be back
and my sigs wrong
ow well
been gone for a while I got in a minor disaggreement with my last hosts root
but thats worked out *took my mud and left* 
soo now the below address is correct
its a little newer and a little slower than my first site but they people 
are a LOT nicer to me

/./. | d n | g h t      !                         _
   --+--   |          --+--   |\/|               | \
     | h e |_ a n d O f | h e |  | i d n i g h t |_/ r a g o n
     |                  |     Telnet ag.net 4000
Also Call The Raven BBS |     http://www.ag.net/~midniht
 (716) 8342377                Midnight@ag.net

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