Re: Disarm Skill

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 10/17/95

	   I am having some troubles with a skill that i just coded, disarm.
   It seems to enjoy slamming the weapon into a room that is "somewhere" and
   doesn't have a vnum :)

[snip code]

	 unequip_char(vict, WEAR_WIELD);
/* removes the object from char, puts it NOWHERE (-1), loses that pointer
   to it (i.e. there might now be no way to refer to that object - its lost) 
   unequip_char returns a pointer to the object that was unequipped, you 
   need to get it...*/
	 obj_to_room(0, vict->in_room);
/* puts nothing in the victim's room */

try this:   

        struct obj_data *tmp;
	tmp = unequip_char(vict, WEAR_WIELD);
	obj_to_room(tmp, vict->in_room);

Something along those lines should work...

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