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From: Naved A Surve (
Date: 10/21/95

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> I would recommend 12 megs or greater.

I don't know what kind of machine you have, I don't know what other things
the machine does besides run your mud, I don't know anything about your site
except for the fact that it will be running your MUD.  If you ask me, 12Megs
is pretty bare for a site.  If you are running on a PC running some sort of
PC Unix such as BSD/I or Linux, I wouldn't settle for less than 24 megs RAM
if the machine isn't doing much anything else.  If the machine is going to
be doing other things, then obviously you will need even more RAM.  What?
You want to be able to compile the mud at the same time it's running?  That
takes hefty RAM!

If you are on a RISC machine like sparc, mips or alpha chips commonly found
in Sun, SGI, or DEC, your memory requirements double.

Actually, all this is very subjective.  I just outlined what I would be
looking for to get a machine with good performance.  I don't know what kind
of speed you are looking for, but I'm sure a mud is capable of running in
the barest of RAM.  (A friend of mine once wanted to take CircleMUD home
with him to play with on his home machine which ran Windows3.x, so I was
able to accomodate him by creating a crammed floppy with a Linux kernel that
booted straight to Circle; he didn't care about coding, he just wanted to
play around with it.  It ran on a machine with 4 megs ram too!)

Rule of thumb: more ram you have, the better performance you'll get.  You
want to get as much RAM as you possibly can.


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