Retraction: Re: muds

From: Edward Long (
Date: 10/22/95

On Sun, 22 Oct 1995, Edward Long wrote:

> Well, I looked for months myself.  Theres alot more sites out there for 
> up and running muds then for start from scratchers.  At least once a week 
> I see a posting in the mud newsgroups asking for a ready to run mud, so 
> if youve got one I can ask around.
> Ironwolf
Im sorry to say that this wasnt meant to go to the circle mail list.  
Someone asked me about sites because I was asking questions about others 
sites and the ram they are using.  I dont have any sites to offer or I 
would give em to needy mud admins like yourselves :).  But, I cannot look 
for a site for EVERYONE or my mud will never get built. Sorry, but the 
above is true, in the alt.rec.mud.admin (I think it is) and 
alt.rec.mud.diku and such news groups people post every now and then 
looking for running muds that need a site so look there...  The reason I 
maild this to the person who asked is that he is unable to view news lets pity him ... awwww *pet pet* haha...
But if I hear anything about mud sites ILL let you people know!

sorry for the mixup,

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