People who need builders

From: Brian Christopher Guilbault (
Date: 10/27/95

Hey All-

I just thought that I would pass this suggestion along to all of the 
people who say that they need builders. Find one good builder and make 
him/her an Area Imp. For those of you who have tried building, you may 
know that this could well prove to be a full-time job. I am an Area Imp 
on two different MUDs and I can tell you that it most certainly is a 
full-time job.

What I do is look for new areas at various ftp sites, talk to builders on 
other MUDs, etc. Then I test the area on my test MUD on my PC. I remove 
all the bugs and errors, then put it into the real game. Sound easy? You 
know it isn't :-)

What I am saying I guess is this: getting yourself an area IMP may be 
hard to do, but if you can find a willing soul, it will save you many 
headaches. I even build in my spare time if I have any. BTW, this is not 
an ad, cause I'm not for hire right now, but I thought you might 
appreciate the suggestion. :-)


"...(A MUD is a computer-mediated role-playing game; MUDs can be extremely
complex and, for some people, can become a way of life, like religion or

"Hackers are socially useful people, though rarely cool."

                                -From "Unix Unbound" by Open Computing

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