Circle MUD FAQ... new moderator

From: T.R. and Angie Knight (
Date: 10/27/95

Not sure if my first message made it to the here goes again.

I have volunteered to Jeremy Elson and to all of you coders, to take over
moderating the Circle MUD FAQ.  Any suggestions would be appreciated as 
to what you would like to see in the FAQ.

Some areas I would like to add:

Sample Code:  I would like to add a section to the FAQ for coding examples
of areas of general interest.  Especially as seen by the recent discussion,
many are interested in adding Races, Multiple Attacks, Scan, Clans, and many
other things.  If those of you who have posted coding examples wouldn't mind,
I would like to add those to the FAQ.  I will give credit where credit is due.
Also, any other coding examples any of you would like to email to me would
be greatly appreciated.

FTP/Web sites for Circle info:  Any sites which have areas, code, or anything
else of use to Circle developers.  

Variates of Circle:  If any of you have modified Circle Code that you would
like to have listed.  Like the LostLands that was mentioned by Billy in a
previous message.  

Any other areas you might want.

Your help is appreciated.  I hope to have the new FAQ out by next month 


Thomas Knight

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