From: Amiga at Tietgen (
Date: 10/28/95

  About a week ago I decided to try and implement the Mobprograms-patch found
at the Circle-site. I have double-checked the patch twice, but I'm still
experiencing a weird problem I would like to hear if anyone else has solved 
this. The MUD boots great and everything works as it is supposed to, MOB-Progs
et all, but then after about an hour the MUD hangs, and seems to be entering
an indefinate loop. So come forward debugger (dbx). When the loop happens
I get a Virtual Timer Timeout from dbx. Most of these Timeouts happen in the
mobile_activity func in mobact.c. I have run over the code, and can't seem
to find anywhere that this error occurs. I think it has something to do with
the mob-progs ruining the character_list in the mobile_activity for-loop, but
I'm not sure. Has anyone had this problem before please let me know, as this
is really driving me nuts. btw, if i type continue within dbx, after the
timeout, the MUD runs fine for about another hour, then a new timeout, then
I type cont and so forth.

   Thank you in advance
       Yours desperately
      Imp on TietgenMUD 4711

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