Re: 3.0 gamma release?

From: Daniel W. Burke (
Date: 10/28/95

You wrote: 
>On Sat, 28 Oct 1995, Michael Gustafson wrote:
>> Genral:
>> I just got the 3.0 beta-patchlevel 8 relese and was wondering if any 
>> has info on the total release. The latest info I can find is from 
>> And I may sound gimpy, but will someone please E-mail me and tell me 
>> about the release.
>3.0 beta-patchlevel 8 is the latest release.  Only Jeremy has any idea 
>when the next release will be, but I wouldn't bother him about it.  
>post to this list when the next release comes out, I am sure.
>Michael Buselli

Nod... the more he's pestered about it, the less inclined he is to 
finish it

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