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From: Erik (
Date: 10/28/95

On Fri, 27 Oct 1995, Graham Gilmore wrote:

> On Fri, 27 Oct 1995 wrote:
> >      a) Races - It seems every MUD would want different races!
> >      b) APR   - Wouldn't you want to have different Attacks per Round for 
> >      different classes/races/levels of players and mobs?  These should be 
> >      stock issued.
> 	I always thought that CircleMUD was meant to be very flexible.  
> Not everyone wants the same races, nor wants to implement multiple 
> attacks the same way.  So instead of forcing something on the implementor 
> by putting in the "stock" circleMUD, it's left to the individual.
> 	Graham Gilmore
   Actually, the idea _is_ to remove all that extra crap. Say you are 
just starting out, and wish to get a mud started. Look around at all your 
choices of code base. This one has this, that one has that feature. None 
are exactly what you want, but they all can be altered to suit your 
taste. Unfortunately, every single one is bug-ridden, contains mounds of 
inefficient routines, and probable leaks memory here and there.
  Now, is it worth it to have a feature or two already done, when you 
will be spending the first 3-4 months fixing the rest of the crap?
Jeremy is spending this time for you, making a blank, almost featureless 
piece of code that runs well. Although an occasional bug slips him by, he 
is constantly optimizing the main part of the server, so you may add what 
you wish with no time wasted fixing the rest of the code. 
  Also, many parts he has simplified, such as adding new commands and 
skills. It takes 10-15 minuttes to do so in Circle, 1-10000 hours in the 
original Diku base. If you are even fair at C, Circle is all you need. If 
you can't even spell pointer, well you're best off building zones for one of 
the other muds already going, until you have a better knowledge foundation.
                                       Brandobaris of Sojourn

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