Re: Item combine code...

From: Andy Davidoff (
Date: 05/03/95

> > i would do a check for identical prototype, this'll fix any problems with 
> > strings/re-strings and individual flags, etc. that may be added later.
> I'm not quite sure I get you fully.  What do you mean by identical 
> prototype?  Items with the same item_number, which is what I check, have 
> the same vnum, but my concern is over things like corpses, which have 
> identical item_number values, but different descriptions.

do some greps fer mob_proto an obj_proto, u may want to use mob/obj_index 
too. shrug, i aint gonna do it for you, just suggestin u use the 
templates of mob/objs to compare against mob/objs that are already in 
existence; so u can tell if an obj/mob has changed from the 'normal' 
loaded prototype. get my drift?

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