From: Hai Nguyen (
Date: 10/30/95

For those that have downloaded the olc_patch from
I have a warning.  There are major bugs in them that has caused
plenty of crashes on Dark Realms.
Not only does it renumber the worlds incorrectly for REDIT, which
causes all zone resets to screw up, but IEDIT renums all objects
including the players objects.  So suddenly everyone is carrying
walls and fountains instead of their usual weapons and armor etc..
The worse bit is the prog causes a descriptor loop to go on for
over 2 mins which of course causes the mud to autokill the process.
It also causes segmentation fault from idling players sometimes, although
I havent been able to track this fault down precisely.
Anyways, use it at your own risk, although I think its worth using if
you put it in another account which is separate from the one which the
mud is on :)



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