Re: Using lex and yacc for parsing

From: Kenneth Cavness (
Date: 10/31/95

On Mon, 30 Oct 1995, Mark Coletti wrote:

> Yo!
> 	Being somewhat gifted with a little free time, I was
> contemplating tackling the hideousness of the command parser.
> Specifically, I want to gut and replace it with a _real_ parser, one
> written using lex and yacc.  It would be more efficent and certainly
> _much_ easier to understand, enhance, and maintain.
> 	I'm almost certain that I'm not the first person to dream this
> up.  (At least I hope I'm not!)  What I would like to know is what the
> status is of similar efforts.
> 	Anyone doing this?  And is willing to admit it?  ;)

*IF* Yacc/Bison/Lex/Regex can be counted upon to make solid, efficient command 
parsers(I've only just started to look into them), then _YES_, by all means
this would be the better idea. I am _TIRED_ of cast 'xxxx' and one-argument
parsing! Argh! Do it ! :P

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