Re: Hrm, problems with color and "strcat"

From: Glenn Campbell (
Date: 10/31/95

At 10:05 AM 10/31/95 PST, you wrote:
>Heh, i have been having troubles with strcat's and color recently.
>I have read through color.doc, but it only shows sprintf's...
>Hrm...well heres an example:
>strcat(buf, " glows with a bright aura");
>i would have no problems if it was sprintf, but since its strcat...
>it has totally confused me.  I know i gotta make a new buffer for color,
>but not sure how/where i should put it.
>Any help would be greatful
strcat simply concatenates the string supplied as an argument to the buffer
supplied, in your case its buf.  You can then use sprintf to dump the string
to the console with appropriate color specifications. Check
act.informative.c for examples of using sprintf with color.

Good Luck

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