Re: evaluating #defines in gdb?

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 11/02/95

   As far as I know it would be practicaly impossible being as anyhting that is 
   #define'd in the code is a macro and thus it is replaced with the approprite 
   text during preprocessing.  
   When it reached the compiler because the preprocessor handles all macro 
   replacement then sends the rest on to the compiler.

Why couldn't gdb get that info from the source files?  It seems to be able 
to reproduce lines of code when you're stepping through. I presume it is
reading the source files, and that the code is not actually stored in the
object files...?  Seems like it would be trivial to have made gdb also read
headers and be able to evaluate macros/defines in expressions you give it.

Yes? No?

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