Re: Mirror image

From: Erik (
Date: 11/02/95

On Thu, 2 Nov 1995, Daniel W. Burke wrote:

> Anyone sucessfully get mirror image coded?
> I've tried a few different ways, with mix results, non of them do what 
> it's supposed to.....
> I have it in mag_affects(), 
> af.location = APPLY_MIRROR_IMAGE;
> af.modifier = dice(1, (level > 1) + (level > 5) + (level > 15) + (level 
> > 25);
> however, I can't seem to find an appropreiate spot in fight.c to 
> successfully check for mirrors, and subtract them, displaying the 
> "hit's your mirror image" message....
  I've been mulling this one over also, in anticipation of future free 
time. The route I was thinking of though, was to load X amount of wimpy 
mobs, say 1hp or so, and give them players name, and basic attributes/stats.
Add them as followers to casting player, and they will then be subject to 
enemy attacks, just as standard pets are. Result _should_ be that in 
fight.c, during all the (victim = loop_thru_players) checks, that one of 
them would be chosen. Any "hit" would kill them, just as the original 
definition of the spell. The only real drawback I see ahead of time, is 
that other players would be able to tell the difference. But, provided 
the above works as I hope it to, a special_proc should be able to 
redirect any "look at 2.joeblow", etc. commands to the real player, thus 
increasing the illusions deception. 
                                Brandobaris of Sojourn

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