From: The Arrow (
Date: 11/03/95

I wonder if someone out there has changed isname() in handler.c (or made
a new function) so that it returns true if all names in the first argument
mathes the string in the second? 
Let me explain, the immortal where command: when you do "where large stone"
it lists all items that has either keywords "large" or "stone" in their
name fields, what I want is a list of items with the name "large stone".
For example the object "the large stone sword", keywords "large stone
sword", if that is the only item with both "stone" and "large" 
keywords, then a "where large stone" would show only that item.

Hmm, did any of the above make sense? I sure hope so, 'cause I rather
'loan' such a function sinse I'm rather lousy at pointer-arithmetics...
( I could write it, if I get a day or two).

Well, hope to hear from you... :)

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