Adding 31+ affect flags.

From: Rasmus R\xnlev (
Date: 11/06/95


As I've now been through the Mailing list archives, tried to FTP the 
mudsource mentioned a couple of days ago, and finaly browes through my 
oproximately 1 month backup of this list i found NOTHING I could use... 
SO, no need to flame me, and if you do, you've got no brains *grin*

Anyways, what I'm asking for is:

1) Multiple ideas (if any) to implement extra affect flags (bitvectors), and
   a way to preserve the present notation/use of the AFF macros, to preserve
   compability etc... If that's not impossible, just a solution .-)

2) If available the CODE for this.. i.e. structs.h, utils.h (macros), and
   whatever else is needed...

I've got an idea about making a table to lookup in, i.e. giving AFF_xxx
a number from 0-MAX_AFF_NUM, and through that table deciding what 
bitvector and bit to check for... but the macros f*ck up... and... well,
if someone has a ready build solution that'd be a LOT easier...

Allso, if noone has a solution, I'd like to know if anyone else has the 
same problems... i.e. a cooperation thing... or if someone has the need 
for the code (macros .-) if I get some solution together myself...

AH... I'm finnish... now you may flame again *grin*
Con. (Realms of the Exiled)

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