Re: make file that was posted

From: Mark Coletti (
Date: 11/08/95

Herbert Kremser pounded furiously on the keyboard:

> On Wed, 1 Nov 1995, Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) wrote:


> > For those of us using Strom or LostLands, add the following in
> > OBJS and SRCS (.c in src, .o in objs)
> > 	alias.c \
> > 	mobcmd.c \
> > 	mobprog.c \
> > 	quest.c \
> > 	iedit.c \
> > 	redit .c \

> > and soon... zedit.c :)

> Btw, why should you add these things to SRCS _and_ OBJS?
> Why not let the computer add it to OBJS, it's his job anyway.  :)

	Actually, I agree with you: the computer is there to work for
you, not the other way around!  :)  
	Normally, I use GNU's make, which has some nifty extensions.
So, I would have enumerated a list of root file names, and then use
GNU make's addsuffix() to append all the ".o", ".h", and ".c".  I
chose not to use these extensions as I knew that most people would be
running the default, plain vanilla make.

> Herbert

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