From: Eric T. Benoit (
Date: 05/04/95

On Fri, 21 Apr 1995, Sean P. Mountcastle wrote:

> 	I was wondering if anyone could me a little bit about the crypt 
> function, the darn sysadmin here, didn't seem to install any man pages on 
> crypt.
> 	What I am trying to do is this:
> 	temp = CRYPT(, player.pwd);
> 	Now, this is in showplayer.c (the util), I want it to decrypt the 
> player's password.  If I am correct the player's name is the key for 
> their password, and since I know the key, I can decrypt it - I have a 
> program I found that does it w/o the need for the key, but it takes 
> awhile.  I was wondering if someone can tell me what kind of arguments 
> crypt() takes (I know CRYPT is a macro in utils.h), and which one is the 
> key and which one is the password.

There is no decryption on UNX CRYPT so it can't be done that way...:(

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