Deleting IMM chars, How? (fwd)

From: Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) (
Date: 11/15/95

> From: Ron Hensley <>
> Subject: Deleting IMM chars, How?
> The other day I accidentally 'advanced' my wifes normal playing character 
> to level 34. Neither I nor her can 'advance' her back to level 1. So we 
> said "No biggie, just delete the char at the menu and restart it"
That's strange, in standard circle3pb8, Greyfox and I were able to do
stuff like that... ah, it was set.  What you have to do is set <char>
level <whatever you want>.  This, I believe was a bug, so I fixed it so
that people can't set others above their own level, nor set someone who's
the same level... ie: Greyfox had an alias to: set strom level 33, force
$*, set strom level 34    Quite a fun macro... until we realized... if
some silly 34 accidentally set $mself to lv 1, and that was the only
lv 34 on the mud, it'd be a BAD thing(tm)...
Should be in the FAQ to check for this loophole and fix it in some way
or another.
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