fatal error (fwd)

From: Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) (bhchan@csua.berkeley.edu)
Date: 11/15/95

> From: Ryan Lynch <lynchrl@ucsub.colorado.edu>
> Subject: fatal error
> 	I just got my Circle to compile but it's giving me a fatal error 
> when i try to run it:
> ld.so.1: bin/circle: fatal: libucb.so.1: can't open file errno=2
> Anyone have ideas on how to fix this?  Thanks:)
Just got it myself, at work, when I ran 3 makes at the same time.
Comes from running out of memory, as far as I can tell.  (All three
failed to make with a similar message... then I did them one at a
time without changing anything, and all three compilied).
Hope that helps... don't ask me for more RAM though :)
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