Re: Deleting IMM characters (fwd)

From: Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) (
Date: 11/16/95

About deleting imms, you could also go through purgeplay, in the utils
directory, after hacking it up a little.  I'll put my version of purgeplay
on my ftp site for people who are interested.. basically, all I did
was add a check for a third argument, which takes a name and goes and
purges any name that matches the third argument.  The thing with purgeplay is
that you have to reboot the mud after cp'ing back to players
after purging, so it only works for those of us running the mud on our own
machine and have file access.

Also, someone asked about LostLands... the one of cambot is dated... the
latest version will always be found on, /pub/billy/Lostlands..
I've gotten lots of bug reports that werent' due to code, but due to me
being silly and not documenting what the code expects, so I'm gonna go
sit down and fix the readme once and for all one day.  Further, Lostlands
has all the src files needed to compile and run a mud and has lots of stuff
that you can cut and paste from into your own mud...  I only ask that you
put something like: "oh, and some code from Strom@LostLands" somewhere to
placate my inflated ego. <g>
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