A few more jobs/qustions

From: Ben Leibig (leibig@robin.bvsd.k12.co.us)
Date: 11/19/95

1: Any word on OLC
2: I new to C and new to coding. BUt i learn really fast.  Whats the best 
way to learn?  
3: I want to spit coins up into 3 diffrent units.  IE 1 gold = 1000 copper
1 silver = 100 copper.  IS there a way i can do this(Having the current 
coin uinit be copper)  Basicly it would have to change all of the verable 
from where it normaly saiod #of coins to # gold coins, # silver pennies, 
# copper pennies.  This includes shops, sc, and anywhere else
4: I wanna add a bunch of new tirggers to mud_prog but i dont have the 
slightest clue how.  Anyone wanna help me out?
5: HOw long is a what the mud prog docs refer to as a Mob_Pulse?

		Ben Leibig AKA
	-=Neon Master of all Gods, King of the light=-

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