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From: Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) (bhchan@csua.berkeley.edu)
Date: 11/20/95

> From: Master of Magic <zero@baker.cnw.com>
> Subject: Utility Macros
> 	I have (as a big suprise to me) succesfully, at first, look coded 
> in multiclassing by changing GET_CLASS and GET_LEVEL into 4 parts each so
> i can check for level prime.second, third etc and same withlevel. My 
> problem is im not sure how to addin checks to see if soemthing is a thief 
> or what level thief they are since the primeness of the thief class 
> varies from player to player. The only idea i have to check for IS_THIEF 
> would be : 
It's not very clear in your description what you're going after... for
instance, is prime better than secondary?  Do you advance first in prime
then in secondary?  A lot of these questions will change the implementation.

For instance, I placed no difference between the varios classes a multi could
be, so I basically made classes bits, referenced by a single level int.

If the differences don't matter, then perhaps you could just make an array
of ints representing levels, the indices representing the class... thus,
the first int (subscript 0) would be the level of mage'ness... the next one
of theif, then cleric, then fighter... or what have you.  And check for a
positive level (predefinte the array with -1's)

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