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Date: 11/21/95

	Yes it is true there is no "stat" command or there is
no one showing things like: STR 18/00 INT 18 etc etc or your
DAM and HIT rolls, although one can change the do_stat command in
the wizard functions, to filter the persons able to stat, say age or
only good aligned or only drunkies or junkies or whatever like:
if (GET_LEVEL(ch)<LVL_IMMORT || (GET_LEVEL(ch)>=LVL_IMMORT &&!*buf1))
and then
  if (GET_AGE(ch)<21) then
	sprinf (anykind of stat you want, GET_stat(ch)....);...
or if you want you can put strings
	if STR<STR_MAX/4 you have a weak strength ot
	if STR<STR_MAX-1 say you have a gigantic strength
then do a send_to_char, you can do a color filtering for your
statistics visible, like 
  if age (ch) < 21 You are not experienced enuff to know your stats
  else if age (ch) < 23 sendtocharacter str, int, wiz, con, char
  else if age (ch) < 25 send above, also dam and hit roll bonuses and armour
  else if age (ch) < 30 send to char kisses
  else if age (ch) < 100 You feel your powers crumbling to dust or whatever.... 
then the rest of the do_stat stuff and change the command to suit the mortals

	Most of the circles I played had stats, diku's like Alex had a L10 limit
as a filtering, Another MUD has level filters to show different stuff, but it
is a matter of MUD internal policy to have or not to have stats visible, most
of the experienced players are able to predict stats already with practicing,
carrying barrels, corpses, special swords, and hit gain per level etc etc.

	Hope this can help someone.
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