Re: Keys

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 11/21/95

   >  Is there some MAJOR reason why you can't rent out wih keys? I was just
   > going to go hack the code some to allow this, but before I did I thought 
   > it might be wise to ask first because there might be some special reason
   > for it... Only one i could come up with was that IMPS felt the keys should
   > not be rentable.. But rather then Hardcoding this in why not make the keys
   > rent like 9999999999 that should stop even the most noble of players :)
   You will notice that keys are not rentable because there is this little 
   flag on them that prevents rent.  On every mud I have played and run, I
   have noticed that allowing people to carry keys when they rent allows 
   them to come on after a crash (for example) and then just casually 
   running through the area opening the doors with the keys they already have.
   If you want to make them rentable, just take the flag off in the wld file.

You will also notice that in objsave.c it is hardcoded that ITEM_KEY can not
be rented.

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